We Believe in Extraordinary People.

Footwear Designers around the globe struggle to follow their true passion: Designing great shoes. When employed in the industry, designers are often told what to do. Even if they try to build their own brand, they face high financial risks and unbearable overhead costs. Although shoes are such a beloved subject, footwear designers simply cannot reach their full creative potential. Our mission is to give all footwear designers the possibility to pursue their ideas. Even at small scale.

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We Believe in Customization.

Let’s face it: Like all of our personalities are different, so are our feet. Because of the vast range in feet measurements, weight and walking behavior, we seldom find the proper footwear. That is why we are so focused on custom tailored shoes. By utilizing the newest technologies like 3D Scanning and 3D Printing, we consider design preferences alongside with orthopedic correctness. This way, we want to support people in every step they take in life.

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We Believe in the Power of Technology.

Our self-developed 3D Printing technology has the potential to move us away from the era of mass production. It opens up a new world of customizable, sustainable and efficient on-demand production. Our team is continuously improving our in-house 3d-printing capabilities so that we will be able to make unprecedented products.

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