The next generation fashion

Created in 3D

Create your Genesis

We believe every individual matters.
Everyone should be able to express themselves in their own way.
That's why we're 3D printing shoes.

Help us change the world!

Extraordinary Designs from Extraordinary People

In order to produce the best shoes in the world, we need to revolutionize the shoe industry. Currently, high mass-production fix costs limit designers in their creativity. This has to change. By 3D printing, everyone can turn their dreams into reality.

Tailoring shoes to your personal needs

As everybody is unique and different, so are our bodies and feet. We can customize your shoes to your specific preferences and provide you with perfectly fitting and comfortable shoes. We will be a perfect fit!

Improve your healthy lifestyle

Besides fitting, improving your long-term wellbeing is of highest importance to us. By analyzing your feet in 3D, we can consider your individual pressure points and thus support your posture and walk.

Unlocking your full potential

We want to encourage everybody to follow their dreams. Therefore, we offer you the best footwear that supports you in everything you do. Do what you love!